Colton Reece & Austin Avery – Califuckinfornia

Colton Reece & Austin Avery - Califuckinfornia 2
The Big C Men

This week on Falcon Studios, Colton Reece and Austin Avery have raw sex in a brilliant scene, part of Falcon’s newest movie “Califuckinfornia”. In the van and back out and about, Josh is stunned and critical about Dan’s simplicity and solace with having irregular sex with outsiders. Dan instructs him to extricate up and their contention prompts a genuine discussion about adoration, their lives, and connections.

Colton Reece & Austin Avery - Califuckinfornia

In transit, they take a little temporary re-route to Dan’s pal Colton Reece’s lodge in the forested areas, where they get a horny little drifter named Austin Avery and acquaint him with Colton. Soon thereafter, Josh can’t rest and leaves the room he’s imparting to Dan just to find Colton and Austin engaging in sexual relations in the lair by the light of the chimney and hits the hay.

Colton Reece & Austin Avery - Califuckinfornia 1

Colton Reece eats Austin Avery’s lively ass and gets it smooth and wet with his tongue, prepared for his fat cock to open him up and bareback the hole of this penniless little wanderer. Austin has a thick one as well and they swap penis massages till Austin requests Colton’s enormous dick in his excited butt. The fireside fuck fest proceeds as Austin rides Colton’s lager can to a cum splattering peak on the floor.

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