Devin Franco & Dan Saxon – Califuckinfornia

Devin Franco & Dan Saxon - Califuckinfornia 1
The Big C Men

In this episode of “Califuckinfornia” by Falcon Studios, bottom #1 on the planet Devin Franco gets his ass bred by newcomer Dan Saxon. Crisp off the transport to Santa Cruz, Josh Moore heads to Dan’s seashore lodge, where he sees his companion taking care of business through a window and heads to the promenade to hang tight for him to wrap up. Inside the cabin, Dan is engaging his most recent fuckbuddy, Devin, who can hardly wait to get his mouth on some hot surfer cock.

Devin Franco & Dan Saxon - Califuckinfornia

After a waiting deepthroat face-fucking, Devin Franco bounces over Dan’s whole meat and rides him raw in the Santa Cruz daylight. Bobbing and boning on the bed, squirming and rimming, furrowing and beating, Dan Saxonconveys a profound dick, bareback boring that has Devin asking for his velvety burden up his anxious hole. Before long Dan ices his guts and Devin milks one out of his own and they breakdown in a cheerful sweat-soaked store of luminosity. Josh returns and Devin parts so they can make up for lost time, and soon plainly Josh and Dan have altogether different thoughts and frames of mind about adoration, sex and devotion. Dan recommends an excursion down the coast together in his VW van and the experience starts.

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