Dominic Pacifico & Alex Ronald – Dirty Dawgs Get It On

Dominic Pacifico & Alex Ronald - Dirty Dawgs Get It On 1
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In “Dirty Dawgs Get It On”, Dominic Pacifico & Alex Ronald play a BDSM game. Alex becomes Dominic’s submissive leather puppy and gets used in the roughest way possible. Dominic fills his ass with a large dildo before he fucks Alex bareback. Here’s the story of Dominic: Here and there I like it sweet and sentimental, yet you all know me. More often than not I incline toward having smudged raw, unusual fun on camera like a filthy dawg.

Dominic Pacifico & Alex Ronald - Dirty Dawgs Get It On

Assembled muscle stud Alex Ronald is my doggie for this hot hookup, the two of us are in cowhide puppy hoods and he’s wagging his buttplug tail. Sounds intriguing? A cover and hood don’t disrupt the general flow at all when I get prevailing and disclose to Daddy’s little puppy to jump on every one of the fours and swallow Dominic Pacifico’s enormous hardened dick. At that point, it’s a great opportunity to sniff and lick my large furry nuts. He’s a decent doggie, and heels while I fuck his throat loaded with cock. Alex gets a gesture of congratulations and a butt scratch for his oral abilities, and afterward, it’s the ideal opportunity for his ass to give back that little dog tail so Daddy’s cock can furrow in and breed his ravenous kid.

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He’s smooth and open as I slide in profound. He curves his back and pooches out his muscle butt only the manner in which I like it. His knees spread separated, he’s bowing there simply gasping to get his hole siphoned brimming with delicious bareback cum. The hoods fall off then it’s simply Daddy and his exposed accommodating kid fucking like creatures. Alex Ronald licks his huge siphoned bicep, grinds his ass into my thick whole cock. I lick his foot while I smash his butthole and he’s prepared to shoot. “Cum for Dominic Pacifico!” I shout, and obviously he gives me what I request. Would it be a good idea for me to give him what HE needs? Sure. His hole slobbers out my heap of clingy cum that he was asking for, and we’re both fortunate dawgs today around evening time.

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