Donte Thick & Carter Woods for Next Door Raw

Donte Thick & Carter Woods for Next Door Raw 1

This week’s raw update by Next Door Studios features Donte Thick and Carter Woods. They suck, lick and fuck one another in the best ways possible. At the point when he gets back from his work excursion to discover his place whipped, Donte Thick is none excessively content with house-sitter Carter Woods. Pissed and venting, Donte reveals to Carter he’s going to need to owe him, and Donte has specific support as a top priority when he says it.

Donte Thick & Carter Woods for Next Door Raw

Carter might be crappy at keeping house yet he’s unadulterated experts with regards to keeping a man cheerful, and he turns on his abilities for Donte, facilitating his pressure and outrage with a little oral alleviation before giving him a ‘hole’ lotta love. When he’s through, it’s Donte ruining things, and with a lick of his lips, Carter’s obligation is come up with all required funds… in any event until the following time.

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