Fraternity X: Ass Holes Finale

Fraternity X: Ass Holes Finale 1

Bear after bear, hole after hole, cumshot after cumshot… Welcome to the first orgy of Fraternity X for 2020 – “Ass Holes Finale”. So the festive bustle passed, the fraternity students returned to the house for the first time this year. Of course, when you just want to have a big cock in the hole, even a return is a sufficient occasion. In short-the desire is great, the men are ready for action, so let’s give the party a start.

Fraternity X: Ass Holes Finale

We find the guys in their usual configuration – some of them are on all fours with their holes and mouths filled with cocks. The other guys take turns sucking each other’s cock… Absolute bustle, as it happens in every orgy. We don’t have to tell you that cum is scattered literally all over the house.

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