Next Door Studios: Johnny Hill & Scott Finn

Next Door Studios: Johnny Hill & Scott Finn 1

This Friday on Next Door Studios, Scott Finn welcomes his tattooed and pierced buddy Johnny Hill in his ass, and Johnny fucks him so nice and deep! The morning after a decent gathering is normally a harsh one, yet Scott’s fit as a fiddle, seeing as how he hit the sack alone the previous evening. Scott Finn was planning to get laid, yet he never could discover the host towards the night’s end, yet since he’s cornered Johnny Hill in the washroom, it’s an ideal opportunity to make his turn.

Next Door Studios: Johnny Hill & Scott Finn

Johnny might want simply to extend Scott fully open and have his way with him, however, Scott is his amigos younger sibling, and he’s certain he’d get his ass kicked if older sibling discovers. Scott reveals to him he won’t utter a word if Johnny doesn’t, and that assurance is sufficient for Johnny to enjoy this after-party charm. He just implores they wrap up before anybody gets them!

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