Unten: Axel Abysse & Ron Hades

Unten: Axel Abysse & Ron Hades 1
The Big C Men

Gay fisting star #1 on the planet and the best Asian gay BDSM master get together once again in “Unten”. Ron Hades torments and fist fucks Axel Abysse in a very intense, super rough and brutal fisting & BDSM session, probably the roughest one ever. The combination of sadism, masochism, and fisting isn’t so unusual, but when it comes to Axel, it’s something new. Well, we have to admit that Axel perfectly fits into the role of a submissive slave.

Unten: Axel Abysse & Ron Hades

The scene begins with Axel Abysse, blindfolded and fixed, waiting for master Ron Hades to come and use him. Once Ron joins, he covers Axel’s back with hot wax before flogging him with a leather whip. Axel screams on the edge of pain and pleasure, while his Master is disciplining him. Then Ron orders Axel to enter a small wooden box on the floor that has a single opening through which Axel will get what he longs for – hard series of punch fisting.

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