BoundGods: Max Konnor & Chance Summerlin

BoundGods: Max Konnor & Chance Summerlin 1
Titan Men

This week on BoundGods by KinkMen, leather mountain of muscles Max Konnor makes his BDSM debut in a hot session with submissive Chance Summerlin. In a chilly, dull prison. Secured up a metal enclosure. A prostitute rodent in leather sleeves and leather tangible hardship cover is trapped in a snare. Chance Summerlin is exposed and alone and anticipates his new ace. New Kink Men dom, Max Konnor strolls in. In full leather, this dark muscle god requests your consideration. His solid leather gloves smacks Chance over the face and pushes his head down to love his boots. Chance licks and sparkles with his tongue as he boot venerates his lords leather.

Flipped around, Max takes his gloved hands and fingers Chance’s hole. Profound leather pounds hard and prepares Chance for his lord. With his head tied in rope servitude and his hands bound behind his back, Max stuns Chance with an electric critic. However, this is all simply the start. The rodent is hung in completely prohibitive rope subjugation suspension. Rodent traps are put all over Chance’s body. Tongue, ears, areolas and generally touchy, Chance’s ballsack.

BoundGods: Max Konnor & Chance Summerlin

Muscle god Max draws out the leather crop and mercilessly rebuffs Chance with whipping. Max rips off the mouse traps and afterward ties Chance up level on his back. His advantages and hole uncovered, Max conveys profound butt-centric rimming. Next up is the fucksaw. This fucking machine is ruthless and the fuck saw gets wrenched up in Chance’s ass. At long last Max’s immense hard cock is prepared to guarantee his prize. Chance’s hole is fucked hard and profound with butt-centric. Chance shouts with each force push. Max cums all over before requesting his rodent to cum on his boots.

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