Brian Bonds & Luka Sage – Part 1: Custodian Of The Hole

Brian Bonds & Luka Sage - Part 1: Custodian Of The Hole 1

“Custodian Of The Hole” by Fisting Central continues this week with gay porn star Brian Bonds, blowing, fucking, and fisting Luka Sage. Brian Bonds is painting an office space for the new executive when Luka Sage jumps in and understands his new office despite everything isn’t finished. Brian has ranked over the recently advanced stud and won’t mess with his keen mouth. When Luka gets unsettled with Brian, he rapidly realizes who’s truly in control. Asserting predominance, Brian twists Luka over a work area and edges his tight hole out. After Brian has had his essence of Luka’s ass, he puts Luka down on his knees and whips out his hard cock.

Luka comprehends what Brian needs and he folds his lips over Brian’s swollen part. When Luka gets Brian as hard as possible, he twists around his work area to take the painters thick cock in his tight hole. Luka takes Brian’s meat with delight, however, Brian Bonds can detect Luka wants something somewhat greater. As amazement to Luka Sage, Brian twists down and floats his fist profound into the official’s pre-extended hole.

Brian Bonds & Luka Sage - Part 1: Custodian Of The Hole

The hunky painter continues diving his hands profound into Luka’s hole, extending to increasingly more with each punch. Exchanging positions, the youthful executive lays back around his work area and takes Brian’s powerful fist up his irritated hole. Subsequent to taking Brian’s fist on his back, Luka Sage sits up and rides Brian’s hand until the sentiment of Brian Bonds fisting him while sucking his cock is excessively and Luka blows a thick burden all over Brian’s gloved hand.

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