Chucho Martin & Axel Abysse – Joder

Chucho Martin & Axel Abysse - Joder 1
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After so many dicks taken, Chucho Martin reaches the next level in “Joder” with Axel Abysse. It’s a unique gay fisting session you shouldn’t miss, if you like fist fucking, of course. There’s no surprise, Chucho has taken some of the biggest cocks in the industry, so it was pretty clear he would wish something bigger than a big cock. Actually, it isn’t Chucho’s first fist session. We’ve seen him fucked and fisted by Tim Kruger, so it seems that it is not an incidental act and Chucho really likes extreme ass play.

Chucho Martin & Axel Abysse - Joder

In his first session with Axel Abysse, Chucho Martin bottoms as never before. Axel starts by rimming Chucho’s ass and very soon shoves a giant dildo into it. Axel fucks Chucho with the toy until his hole becomes wide enough to take a whole fist. Axel punches and fist fucks Chucho in all ways possible, which ends with a powerful series of spectacular anal orgasms.

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