Gaycest: Austin L Young & Tim Armstrong – Chapter 3

Gaycest: Austin L Young & Tim Armstrong – Chapter 3 1
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The love story of Austin L Young and Tim Armstrong continues this week on GayCest. Younger Austin gets his ass bred raw by Tim’s big cock. Taking a gander at the welcome pack, Mr. Armstrong saw a progression of occasions, obviously intended for separating boundaries and advancing physical closeness. They had gotten in late, so they continued to change out of their road garments and into the athletic supporters and shower robes gave. The directions appeared to be sufficiently straightforward, yet it unquestionably helped Austin to remember the first occasion when he saw Mr. Armstrong bare.

The guidelines said nothing regarding what they ought to do now, aside from laying alongside one another and getting a charge out of the night. For these two, alone time in a bed must be a certain something; morning, early afternoon, or night! Austin L Young rushed to snatch at Tim Armstrong’s cock, feeling it ascend in his minor grasp. His dad really wanted to get in a flash hard, eager to have this uncommon time, however constantly anxious to feel his son’s body on his.

Gaycest: Austin L Young & Tim Armstrong – Chapter 3

He expected to fuck him! Something about the minute felt uncommon and new. He was helped to remember their first time and how anxious and energizing it was. He envisioned different daddies and how they should feel taking their boys without precedent for this spot. Everything hurried to his head and his cock, making him hornier than he’d been in quite a while…

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