JJ Knight & Michael Boston for Men

JJ Knight & Michael Boston for Men 1
The Big C Men

Big dick power top JJ Knight and sexy versatile dude Michael Boston get together to have intense, raw, cum filled sex for Men. As JJ and hot and sweet Michael Boston make out on the sofa, their science is tangible. The folks get coy as they pull off one another’s garments, and JJ gets an eyeful of Michael’s large goods before the base sucks his dick.

JJ Knight & Michael Boston for Men

JJ Knight takes Michael’s breath away and his cock before moseying him down to take a ride on his meat, at that point fucking him decent and somewhere down in spoon, at that point doggy style. JJ turns Michael Boston on his back so he can pound that huge muscle ass till Michael cums, at that point pulls out and crushes out each drop of his jizz onto Michael’s cock.

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