Love Tub Part 2: Vinny Blackwood & David Skylar

Love Tub Part 2: Vinny Blackwood & David Skylar 1
Titan Men

Vinny Blackwood and David Skylar star in the second episode of “Love Tub” by Men… As you’ll see, this a very hot bareback session… we love it! David has heard recount the extraordinary hot tub that makes individuals horny, and he’s come to check out it. As David trusts that the guaranteed provocative women will show up, the warm mystical waters get his cock excessively hard, however the main individual around to help is attractive hunk Vinny.

Love Tub Part 2: Vinny Blackwood & David Skylar

Despite the fact that David Skylar is ordinarily absolutely straight, something about the Love Tub causes him to acknowledge Vinny’s idea to suck his dick! David even chooses to go down on Vinny Blackwood and eat his ass as well. Vinny needs that large dick in his ass so David fucks him doggy style and afterward, Vinny rides him by the side of the Love Tub. David’s dazzled with how well Vinny takes that beating, at that point pulls out to cum on his chest before the base blows his heap.

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