Men Over 30: Rikk York & Dallas Steele

Men Over 30: Rikk York & Dallas Steele 1
The Big C Men

This week’s new video by Pride Studios’ Men Over 30 features extra beefy daddy Dallas Steele and hairy, tattoed hunk Rikk York. After a hard exercise, you’d think Dallas and Rikk would be prepared to hit the showers, yet they’ve one more rep to get in before they consider it daily, and fortunately, they’re here early enough that nobody else is near. Mentor Dallas has been working Rikk hard throughout the morning, however, he’s extremely going to give him some profound preparing now that only they’re in the storage space.

Men Over 30: Rikk York & Dallas Steele

That is what Rikk York’s ears wanted to hear. He’s been eye-balling Dallas’ body since he arrived, simply hanging tight for that additional unique consideration Dallas Steele is known to give his favored customers. One thing is without a doubt, the exercise isn’t over until both folks get their reps in, so there’s a lot of activity to see between these two hot bodied men.

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