My Dirtiest Fantasy: Puppy Davey & The Puppeteer

My Dirtiest Fantasy: Puppy Davey & The Puppeteer 1
The Big C Men

Puppy Davey returns to My Dirtiest Fantasy for another gay fisting session. The Puppeteer is going to fist fuck the young jock! Davey is as of now at his Master’s feet, who’s utilizing him as a hassock, however much to his dismay how south things will go! The Puppeteer knows precisely what he needs from the boy, and he for sure gets what he needs, as soon Davey is sucking on his effectively hard dick, The Puppeteer, with just a couple of words has Davey doing exactly what he needs.

My Dirtiest Fantasy: Puppy Davey & The Puppeteer

Before long the control will be higher, as Davey is tied with the two his arms not yet decided, leaving his stripped middle in plain view for the Master’s delight. This without a doubt won’t go unmissed, as The Puppeteer whips the boy and even uses a nerf weapon to shoot the boy! Similarly, as the boy feels that The Puppeteer has completed with him, he’s tied back up, suspended, and leaving his ass in plain view for his lord to utilize!

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