Paul Canon & Alex Mecum for Men

Paul Canon & Alex Mecum for Men 1
Titan Men

In this scene by Men, Paul Canon tries to cheat security officer Alex Mecum. After Alex catching him, Paul decides to seduce the officer with his hot, wet hole. Alex and his accomplice are staking out the nearby market to get the crook referred to just as The Thief of All Dick-Shaped Things. When Alex spots suspicious trenchcoat-clad Paulfingering the phallic produce and stashing a zucchini while looking, it’s unmistakable this desperado needs to get captured.

Paul Canon & Alex Mecum for Men

Alex Mecum places Paul Canon nabbed, and he presumes requests a search! Alex discovers a lot of dick-molded things before his hands close on Paul’s dick, and the culprit requests that the official fuck his face. Alex appreciates the penis massage, at that point, eats Paul’s ass and enters that tight hole Doggystyle. Paul rides that cock and afterward requests a facial that agreeable Officer Mecum is glad to give.

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