Pierce Paris & Lukas Daken for Men

Pierce Paris & Lukas Daken for Men 1
Titan Men

Pierce Paris slides his long dick into Lukas Daken and fucks him bareback in this fetish sex scene by Men. Enjoy that locker room fantasy! Olfactophile Pierce does whatever it takes not to get captured as he sniffs the sweat-soaked folks in the locker room, however his excitement is clear to attractive and fit Lukas, who realizes exactly what Pierce needs: a nearby whiff of his pits.

Pierce Paris & Lukas Daken for Men

Pierce Paris kisses all over Lukas Daken’s chest, taking in his masculine musk, at that point breathes in the aroma of his cock before sucking it. Pierce puts his face somewhere down in Lukas’ ass before twisting him over for a doggy style fuck, at that point sitting on the seat so Lukas can ride his huge cock! The folks fuck in minister till the base blows his heap, at that point, it’s Lukas’ go-to value the smell of Pierce’s cum with a facial.

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