TitanMen Presents: Field Tip to Catalina

TitanMen Presents: Field Tip to Catalina 1
The Big C Men

Sun, summer, and the hottest men of America. Today TitanMen brings us to Catalina. We’re going to enjoy the hottest sex action in “Field Tip to Catalina”. In Field Trip, three dudes head to Catalina Island for an investigation break. Meaty Jason Hawke pushes his whole cock down attractive Jason Kennedy’s throat and before you can say school’s out for summer, the two are heaving their cum everywhere throughout the lodging.

TitanMen Presents: Field Tip to Catalina

Fuck machine Antonio Madeira and worked to-flawlessness Chip Nicholas stroke their whole dicks for one another, and Antonio hurls a horrible fuck Enrique Velazco’s muscle butt until the two of them end up shrouded in sweat and spunk. Lastly, Antonio and Scott Ryan moan, groan and sweat in delight as Antonio pops Scott’s sweet, tight cherry.

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