TitanMen Presents: Folsom Prison

TitanMen Presents: Folsom Prison 1
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An iconic fetish movie makes its HD debut today. “Folsom Prison” is part of TitanMen‘s legendary Folsom series and it’s probably the best part. Raising no-nonsense obsession to both another degree of force and imaginativeness, Folsom Prison is the most recent in the profoundly foreseen arrangement of co-marked Folsom films. TitanMen elite Tony Buff plays the degenerate prison guard running everything within one of the most infamous penitentiaries in the nation. At more than 3 1/2 hours with six scenes and 14 of the most smoking men including TitanMen special features Alex Baresi, Tony Buff, Damien Crosse, Chad Manning, Rick van Sant, and Diesel Washington, Folsom Prison is the obsession motion picture occasion of the year!

Officials Markus Ram and Bjoern Giger are anxious to show Diesel Washington a thing or two. They string their detainee up and tape his mouth shut, yet when he figures out how to get free, Diesel conveys one of the most forceful, piss-soaked vengeance fucks at any point caught on film. Tony Buff isn’t too upbeat when Alex Baresi doesn’t convey on a guarantee. Tony and Vinnie D’Angelo mess their source up quite awful before Tony conveys an exceptional assplay session to Alex—complete with toys, pissing and his clench hands—that Alex won’t overlook at any point in the near future. Chad Manning and Trey Casteel make a jailbreak; when they unearth Matthew Ford, they need to exercise authority over him with an unpleasant, outside spit-and-piss doused threeway.

TitanMen Presents: Folsom Prison

Rick van Sant’s a lawyer similarly as degenerate as any of the detainees. After he and Vinnie D’Angelo have their way with detainee Dak Ramsey, he pierces himself on Dak’s arm for a dangerous fisting session that no one but Rick could deal with. When Tony Buff finds Damien Crosse and Chad Manning having their way with Derek da Silva in the showers, he brings in Dominic Sol for a five-man gangbang that must be believed to be accepted, finished with a genuine immobilizer and a lot of spit, sweat, cum and piss. The last scene is a sincerely charged two-path between Tony Buff and Chad Manning in the give that closures Tony fucking a heap out of his preferred detainee.

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