Asher Hattori & Axel Abysse – The Shore

Asher Hattori  & Axel Abysse - The Shore 1

Asian gay fetish porn star Asher Hattori and fisting idol #1 on the planet Axel Abysse get together for a rough fisting session in “The Shore”. But why “The Shore”?! It’s a story about the lifeguard Asher who finds a lonely merman on the shore (it’s Axel). The two of them instantly start rimming each other’s assholes, but just a tongue is completely insufficient for both of them.

Asher Hattori  & Axel Abysse - The Shore

Asher Hattori needs something stronger than rimming, so he asks Axel to fist his hole. Axel Abysse obliges by fisting Asher in different positions before they flip. Axel also gets his hole heavily punched, as massive streams of piss put the end of “The Shore”.

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