BoundGods: Sebastian Keys, Seth Santoro & Brian Bonds

BoundGods: Sebastian Keys, Seth Santoro & Brian Bonds 1

In this BDSM leather threesome by BoundGods and KinkMen, muscled slave Seth Santoro gets used and fucked by Masters Brian Bonds and Sebastian Keys. Wearing only a leather outfit and athlete, muscle-stud Seth Santoro remains with his head, arms, and legs caught, secured wooden stockades. A metal bug choke holds his mouth all the way open. Sebastian Keys walks in, anxious to begin. He snatches at Seth’s tanned solid body, hits and slaps his hard muscles, and crushes Seth’s enormous cock through the leather athletic supporter. Sebastian unfastens the athlete and Seth’s hard cock jumps out jerking, asking to be prodded some more.

Sebastian Keys hits his hard cock with his hands and a leather crop. He slaps and punches Seth Santoro’s lean abs and brings him down to a stooping position. Sebastian abounds in the gimp, Brian Bonds, who’s been secured an enclosure with a seething hard-on for a considerable length of time. Sebastian opens the confine and the gimp hustles to the stooping Seth Santoro. He gets him by the head and starts fucking his open mouth through the creepy crawly choke. Seth gets over and again hit on his ass, back, and chest with a leather flogger while the gimp proceeds with skull-fucking.

BoundGods: Sebastian Keys, Seth Santoro & Brian Bonds

Next, Sebastian Keys joins clothespins here and there haphazardly on Seth’s middle, his areolas, and over his eyebrows, all still while getting his mouth beat by the gimp’s large irate cock. In the following scene, Seth is blindfolded on his back, with his legs noticeable all around. With Seth’s lower legs, arms, head despite everything caught in stockades, the gimp fucks his ass hard with his large gimp dick. He gets fucked so great that he cums on himself and as the gimp keeps fucking, Seth can’t resist the urge to cum once more. Sebastian destroys him with an electronic critic for cumming without authorization, and the gimp takes care of Seth gobs of his own cum, not long before blowing his gimp load in Seth’s mouth and over his face.

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