Butch Dixon: Joe Gilis & Leo Grin

Butch Dixon: Joe Gilis & Leo Grin 1
The Big C Men

It’s a true British bareback fiesta on Butch Dixon today. Muscle Brits Joe Gilis and Leo Grin suck and fuck one another in the hottest way possible. Wow, new faces, and such lovely, handsome face, our very rough an every ready Joe Gilis is a capable, noisy and willing bottom and wait till you see the dick this cutie is taking.

Butch Dixon: Joe Gilis & Leo Grin

Leo Grin is your burly top with a great nest of chest hair on which to lay your tired head. these hunks and pumped and ready to spunk, we’ve got foreskin, beards, hairy chests and some slip-sliding bareback fun, its super hot scene and the chemistry between the guys is STEEEEAMING. Just wait until you see Leo unloading great globs of thick jizz all over Joe’s bollocks then sliding his thick dick right back up in there as Leo comes all over himself in a very vocal fashion ( think of the neighbours) – all in all a fun ( and very hot afternoon enjoyed by all – now it’s your turn!)

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