CockyBoys: Sean Ford & Aiden Ward

CockyBoys: Sean Ford & Aiden Ward 1
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It’s a twink party on CockyBoys today. Young studs Sean Ford and Aiden Ward star in that extra hot, cum filled flip-fuck session. Sean Ford and Aiden Ward meet to investigate their flexible sides in a hot evening time flip-fuck! Their lips meet for some arousing making out and Aiden mouth-prodding the developing lump in Sean’s tightie-whities. He draws near to taking out Sean’s cock however rather crushes his groin on him and releases his own cock. What’s more, soon it’s Sean lying back enthusiastically sucking Aiden as he remains over him taking care of his cock.

Aiden twists forward to 69 with Sean who makes him harder by fingering his hole driving Aiden to get back on the bed next to each other 69. Sean, however, is soon focused exclusively on Aiden, gulping his cock while finger-fucking him profoundly. What’s more, it’s only a simple change to begin fucking Aiden on his back and flip him over to bore him on his belly. Sean draws near however as he kisses Aiden’s neck he needs his turn.

CockyBoys: Sean Ford & Aiden Ward

While bowing in a seat Sean gets rimmed and fingered and gets furrowed by Aiden’s solid cock. In time Aiden turns him around and Sean rides his cock, getting into a section and working his hole on his cock. Aiden stretches around and strokes him consistently, draining a major thick burden out of him. Also, as Aiden lies back to stroke himself Sean is in that spot to get somewhat facial and gobble up his cum. Also, as they kiss, fulfillment graces their sweet grins.

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