Do Not Disturb: Trent Bloom & Michael FlyBoyChi

Do Not Disturb: Trent Bloom & Michael FlyBoyChi 1
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In “Do Not Disturb” – Axel Abysse’s first video from his new series “Axel Abysse Presents”, Trent Bloom & Michael FlyBoyChi get together for a double fisting session. Trent Bloom is a luminary in the fisting community who made a recent comeback in Abysse’s “Carnage” series after a ten-year hiatus from porn modeling. A fisting enthusiast since his teenage years with his first boyfriend. At that point shooting on-camera porn was not a big deal, and also a chance to turn other young guys on to the joys of fisting. Though his initial porn career lasted only a few years he became an inspiration to a new generation.

In “Do Not Disturb” Bloom takes a fist from young first-time model FlyBoyChi. Chicago-based world traveler Michael has a pretty boy face paired with filthy pig hands. As an avid lover of music, opera and all things wrecked, he has traveled the world making deep fisting connections (pun intended). In his debut with the legend, he revels in a chance to get down, deep and filthy with the one and only.

Do Not Disturb: Trent Bloom & Michael FlyBoyChi

Axel Abysse describes the unpolished, unforced ambiance of “Do Not Disturb” as a “crude amateur aesthetic with the Abysse touch in the editing. It’s pure joy and real anal destruction. And Trent takes double punches like no one else.”

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