My Dirtiest Fantasy: Jacob Ryan & Mickey Taylor

My Dirtiest Fantasy: Jacob Ryan & Mickey Taylor 1
The Big C Men

This gay BDSM scene by My Dirtiest Fantasy features tattooed leather Master Mickey Taylor and submissive stud Jacob Ryan who bottoms for Mickey. Jacob falls a rest perusing his comic book, and seems, by all accounts, to be touring the old and surrendered some portion of town. In any case, he’s not the only one! The Puppeteer must have a boy radar, on the grounds that when the boy is seen he goes to get Mickey, who tied in restraint is prepared to comply with the expert’s order!

My Dirtiest Fantasy: Jacob Ryan & Mickey Taylor

He heads out to bring the boy, hauls him inside, strips, and secures him to a seat. Presently, Mickey directs the boy down to his cock to get some delight from the boy, which he does as an extremely wet sensual caress, and later on a hard facefuck! Plainly the two boys are getting a charge out of it up until this point, and now Mickey makes it one stride further, lubing his cock prepared to get inside Jacob.

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