Swingin’ Balls: Jizzy McBone & Troy

Swingin' Balls: Jizzy McBone & Troy 1
The Big C Men

Brothers Jizzy McBone and Troy are this week’s temptations by Swingin’ Balls. The two males get together for the very first time in front of a camera for a masturbation session. Jizzy McBone is horny and realizes exactly where to break out a decent nut, however, overlooks that others might be near. Well, sure enough, another amigo is aware of his mysterious place also. So what the hell, both are horny and the pornography is playing, Troy finds the lube to make it a decent time of twitching surprisingly better.

Swingin' Balls: Jizzy McBone & Troy

Jizzy needs to request the lube to keep his cock feeling great as well. The boys are currently prepared to fucking bust that nut! Troy is the first to react like he’s prepared however needs only a couple of more jolts until it’s an ideal opportunity to impact that nut! He stands and shoots his cum everywhere throughout the dark cushion case laying on the floor. Jizzy needed to cum with him yet his cock simply wasn’t prepared right at that point, yet he made a point to look as Troy making the most of his climax. Only an exceptionally brief timeframe later Jizzy stands and Troy rapidly turns his head to look as McBone makes his sign of hot boy cum also. Damn how hot to see these boy balls move and void their hot heap of muddled boy cum! Presently both are upbeat and can approach the remainder of the day.

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