Brian Bonds & Drew Dixon – Fist Bus 2

Brian Bonds & Drew Dixon - Fist Bus 2 1

In this first scene from the second edition of Fisting Central’s Fist Bus, muscled Brian Bonds gets his ass fist fucked by Drew Dixon. On a dim desert interstate with cold breeze in his hair, grimy daddy Brian Bonds is cruising for a hot buddy to heat up his hands on board the ‘Clench hand Bus’. Up ahead out there, he sees a sparkling sight, fit with the fabricated body of a meandering outsider alone, the hot Brit Drew Dixon, a long way from home in the UK.

Brian Bonds & Drew Dixon - Fist Bus 2

Before long they are getting comfortable in the rear of this moving bathhouse, stripping down to athletic supporters on a cowhide bed behind tinted windows. Drew is an anxious cocksucker and chows down on Brian’s meat with his wet, warm mouth, yet liberation to Sin City includes some major disadvantages. Drew must assistance this attractive stud and eat his delicious butthole.

The transport is outfitted with all the necessities expected to break out a willing hole. With some dark elastic gloves and a lot of J-lube, after a touch of foreplay, they get serious. Drew loans Brian a hand as unmindful truckers and sightseers pass them by, busting his heap before choosing to reverse the situation before they hit Las Vegas. Who needs Lady Luck when you have a hot fellow to clench hand fuck?

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