Kirk Cummings & Jesse Zeppelin – Taken

Kirk Cummings & Jesse Zeppelin - Taken 1

Submissive, tattooed stud Kirk Cummings plays the role of a BDSM slave in episode 1 of Fisting Central’s “Taken”. Jesse Zeppelin is the master. Jesse finds Kirk in a public restroom around midnight. There are no other people there, so this is the perfect occasion for Jesse to turn Kirk into his obedient toy.

Kirk Cummings & Jesse Zeppelin - Taken

Jesse sticks Kirk on the wall with duct tape and sadistic fun begins. Jesse first uses an electrical torture device that makes Kirk screaming at the border between pain and pleasure. Then, Jesse uses a whip to show Kirk who’s The master. In the final part, Jesse face fucks Kirk until his cum is shot inside of Kirk’s mouth.

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