BadPuppy: Miles, Rusty & Woody

BadPuppy: Miles, Rusty & Woody 1
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This week on BadPuppy, sexy gay cowboys Miles, Rusty, and Woody get together ready for servicing each other’s cocks and holes. Here’s the text by BadPuppy’s producer: I had a few boys up at the Lake House filming for the weekend so I figured that I would just work Woody into the equation if he showed up. When Woody showed up at the Lake House, we were all pleasantly surprised that he was there. Woody isn’t shy at all so he walked in and immediately got to know each of the boys that were there. Woody is a big fan of the site so he knew everything about Miles and especially wanted a piece of Miles’ huge cock.

Woody also took a liking to Rusty while he was there so he made the choices for us. I had originally thought that I would have Miles work over Woody’s ass but after watching him flirt with Rusty, I thought it might be fun to throw the three of them together and see what happened. It was fun watching the big personalities fight it out for the attention as our pretty boy Rusty stood by just waiting to get some action. Shortly after the three of them got going, Woody said that he had always wanted to get double dicked but he had never had the chance.

BadPuppy: Miles, Rusty & Woody

Well this happened to be Woody’s lucky day. Miles and Rusty took turns using every one of Woody’s holes for their own pleasure. Woody was finally begging them to both get inside him at the same time so we put Woody on his back on the floor with his ass up in the air. Miles and Rusty stood over Woody and opened up his hole with their big hard cocks and Woody screamed with pleasure. Miles and Rusty worked Woody’s hot hole until they both couldn’t hold back anymore. Woody was begging to taste their cum so Rusty shot a huge load down his throat and turned over to Miles so that he could do the same. Woody finished himself off as cum dripped out of his mouth and he laid their completely spent. This has to be our hottest video to date here at Southern!

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