Deviant Otter Plays With Gustav

Deviant Otter Plays With Gustav 1

Gustav is Deviant Otter’s latest discovery. This jock likes kinky games – bareback fucking, big dildos, and also foot fetish. Well, he’s a pig! If you like foot licking, double-ended dildos, and cum-drenched fucking, this is the ultimate video for you. It’s kinky, edgy, and so hot… And we have to admit it – both of the guys look super.

Deviant Otter Plays With Gustav

Here’s the story by Deviant Otter: If you’re still tuned in you should remember this guy from the Drenched video I posted a while back. After getting our rocks off from pissing in and on each other, we agreed we still have plenty of other activities we wanted to experience. I really don’t know what it is about feet, because I thought a foot was such a vanilla fetish, but holy fuck am I into a dude’s feet now, and
I’m not mad about it.

So besides us smoking like chimneys, we got into a ton of foot stuff and then broke out my double-headed dildo and decided to give it a go. And of course choking down on each otters’ cockss, pounding out our fuckholes, and my ass eating up Gastov’s load.

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