Drew Sebastian & Dale Savage – Handful of Faith

Drew Sebastian & Dale Savage - Handful of Faith 1

In this episode of Handful of Faith by Club Inferno Dungeon, muscled, tatted super stud Drew Sebastian gets his ass fisting fucked by Dale Savage. It’s so impressive – muscled, hairy butt swallowing a whole fist… Just an amazing update for all fisting lovers. And Drew, just wow, even bottoming, he’s doing it in the best way possible. What a cool man!

Drew Sebastian & Dale Savage - Handful of Faith

Drew Sebastian seeks forgiveness, and Dale Savage allows him to confess all his sins and desires. Dale drops to his knees, sucking Drew’s giant cock and eating his firm hairy man ass! Having Drew’s asshole wet and hungry, Dale slides his cock inside him while Drew is bent over the church pew and singing his praises.

Ass wide open, Drew welcomes Dale’s big church praying hands up his asshole. Drew then uses the church pew to balance his ass on Dale’s arm as he bounces his hole up and down on Dale’s fist before laying back and getting punched to completion.

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