Kirk Cummings & Jesse Zeppelin – Taken: Part 2

Kirk Cummings & Jesse Zeppelin - Taken: Part 2 1

Fisting Central goes bareback in the second part of the BDSM session of Kirk Cummings and Jesse Zeppelin for “Taken”. It’s great news, isn’t it?! The scene isn’t the standard BDSM action, actually, it includes rough and raw fucking, but still, it isn’t too vanilla. And Jesse, he fucks so bad and hard, we would like to bottom for him.

Kirk Cummings & Jesse Zeppelin - Taken: Part 2

Here’s the plot: When pervy janitor Jesse Zeppelin spots sexy stud Kirk Cummings walking alone, he seizes his opportunity and takes Kirk back to his compound. Once there, Jesse duct tapes his hostage to a bathroom stall and slowly starts whipping a bound and gagged Kirk.

Terrified and helpless, Kirk screams out as Jesse has his way with the whip and an electric wand. Jesse decides to cut Kirk some slack and removes the tape so Kirk can suck on Jesse’s thick cock at the urinal. The janitor keeps using his mouth slave relentlessly until Kirk’s mouth gets filled with warm cum, direct from the tip of Jesse’s throbbing rod.

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