Men Over 30: Jack Andy & Riley Mitchel

Men Over 30: Jack Andy & Riley Mitchel 1

Testosterone, body-hair, gallons of cum and sweat. Welcome to the playroom of Men Over 30 where Jack Andy and Riley Mitchel are ready to begin. These Macho males are passionate and give the best of themselves from the very beginning to the very end. It’s a real pleasure watching how these 2 men fuck so hard, so deep…

Men Over 30: Jack Andy & Riley Mitchel

After finding out about their co-worker’s secret on-the-job fuck spot, Riley Mitchel and Jack Andy sneak away the first chance they can get to check it out for themselves. They agree it’s a perfect spot where no one else would think to look for them, and not wanting to be outdone by their co-worker, they waste no time going at it, trading blow jobs before Riley flips Jack around and has his way, tongue fucking him first before sliding his rock hard dick deep inside of him.

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Jack can barely hold back his orgasm as Riley pounds him from behind, and when he flips him over, Jack can take it no longer, and spits his load all over himself as Riley pulls out and hoses him down. Great fuck spot… the only problem is now Jack is covered in cum with nowhere to clean up. Gonna be a sticky afternoon at work.

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