Stuck at home? Axel Abysse has the solution!

Stuck at home? Axel Abysse has the solution! 1

Social isolation can be exhausting. That is why the gay fisting star Axel Abysse sought the practical solution and recommended-while you are at home, pay attention to your hole – keep it wide & wet and ready for intense anal sensations. If you have a sufficient set of huge dildos, grab the biggest one, and sit on it. If you don’t have any toys, buy one online, and act.

Stuck at home? Axel Abysse has the solution!

For this special solo, Axel Abysse just got a package of toys that look really impressive, they are huge and would probably be a challenge for most men, but Axel is not afraid to try each one of these monsters. Giant red cone, huge blue butt plug, Axel can’t wait to explore everything in the package. Of course, he did not forget to turn on the camera to make us direct participants in his little anal fiesta. So, guys, let’s make America gape again!

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