TitanMen Presents: Francois Sagat’s Incubus 2

TitanMen Presents: Francois Sagat's Incubus 2 1
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This week, another classic makes its high-definition debut. TitanMen proudly presents the second part of Incubus with superstar Francois Sagat. Fantasy and reality converge in the visual feast Incubus, the stunning Creative Director debut of Francois Sagat.

TitanMen Presents: Francois Sagat's Incubus 2

Joined in front of the camera by fellow TitanMen exclusives Jessy Ares, Aymeric DeVille, Trenton Ducati and Hunter Marx, Sagat presents an artistic, hypnotic journey bursting with color, unforgettable imagery and pulsing cocks. Is it a dream or a night-terror? Take in the sensory overload of sight, sound and sex—and decide for yourself.

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