Retromales Presents: The Best of Richard Locke

Retromales Presents: The Best of Richard Locke 2
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This week the guys from Retromales present a collection of some of the hottest scenes starring the Daddy of all Daddies, vintage gay porn icon Richard Locke! Features fighting, fucking, romance, and raunch from true classics by directors Joe Gage, Arthur Bressan Jr., and Steve Scott, as well as a few less well-known films. This compilation contains selections from: Heatstroke, Forbidden Letters, Kansas City Trucking Co., Gemini, Cruisin’ the Castro, El Paso Wrecking Corp., Magnum Griffin 14, The Sins of Johnny X, and L.A. Tool & Die.

Retromales Presents: The Best of Richard Locke

Richard Locke, the sexy, confident, (usually) bearded daddy, with a hip tattoo of a butterfly and a physique naturally toned from working outdoors was one of the first to establish more mature men as potent sex symbols in gay porn. He reached iconic status from his outstanding appearances as the lead, Hank, in the Gage Brothers’ classic Working Man Trilogy (Kansas City Trucking Co., El Paso Wrecking Corp., and L.A. Tool & Die).

Retromales Presents: The Best of Richard Locke 1

In the ’80s and ’90s, he worked tirelessly to spread information about safer sex practices and health services during the AIDS crisis, writing and touring to educate, working with support groups, raising money, protesting, advocating condom usage for individuals as well as for porn studios (saying he was blackballed in the business as a result), sharing stories of others’ work and contributions, and even (reportedly) smuggling HIV medication into the United States to distribute to those in need through an underground clinic

Retromales Presents: The Best of Richard Locke 3

In a few of the scenes between Richard Locke (Hank) and Will Seagers (Wylie) in the final film of the trilogy, the two begin working together and grow closer, but have not yet physically connected. Seagers stumbles upon a bathroom circle jerk and notices that Locke is part of it. He tentatively joins in and the two touch each other, making intense eye contact as they masturbate and shooting their loads in unison.

Retromales Presents: The Best of Richard Locke 4

Later, they drive out to a piece of land in the desert that Locke bought and, at night, sit up and talk in Locke’s van over a bottle of wine. In the dim, red lighting, they admit their feelings for each other and have romantic, candle-lit sex, kissing, tenderly touching, taking turns sucking cock, eating ass, fucking each other, and masturbating together.

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