UKNakedMen: Craig Keller & Cris Denny

UKNakedMen: Craig Keller & Cris Denny 2
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This week on UKNakedMen, we’re going to watch another extra-intense, sweaty, passionate, and very hot session. Enjoy Craig Keller and Cris Denny! A warm hand – amongst other things for two handsome new faces in the shape of rippling ( look at that chest !) top Cris Denny and cute as a button, ( want him for a boyfriend) Craig Keller. WOAH i’d self isolate with these two at the drop of a hat!

UKNakedMen: Craig Keller & Cris Denny

Cris is a very randy top, he’s been working hard at the gym, and we’re as eager to see the result as he is to show them, imagine laying your head down on that magnificent chest! Craig is our super sexy you-could-take-him-home-to-mother sub boy, and he’s a real pistol in the bedroom.

UKNakedMen: Craig Keller & Cris Denny 1

These boys are playing with each others stiff, uncut dicks and having a snog, but the situation escalates and very soon Craig is on his knees worshipping Cris’ body and scrumptious dick. You know where this is going? _ up young Craig’s hot, tight bareback hole. OH CARAMBA and our bottom boy is so eager for the whole length he’s soon bouncing the full rigid, raw length. YUM ! I’d luv to be pickle sandwiched between these 2 slabs of beef!

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