DirtyBoyVideo: Conrad Daniels & Rave Hardick

DirtyBoyVideo: Conrad Daniels & Rave Hardick 1
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In this new scene by Dirty Boy Video, the long-haired hairy top Rave Hardick touches the g-spot of Conrad Daniels with his long cock. Conrad Daniels and Rave Hardick don’t waste a lot of time on pesky foreplay. They make out for a minute before Conrad’s hands find their way into Rave’s bulging pants. What Conrad discovers would make a sailor blush and when he pulls out Rave’s big monster cock, his mouth opens wide and he sucks it like its the last dick he’ll ever get to eat.

DirtyBoyVideo: Conrad Daniels & Rave Hardick

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When he gets Rave to full mast, the horny ginger hops on and rides the massive dick, taking it balls deep up his asshole. Rave can really stretch a hole and the more he pounds, the more Conrad squeals with delight and begs for more. Conrad wants the colossal cock every which way he can, and after riding with his own dick flopping up and down, he bends over for Rave to ram it in him doggie style. Conrad takes it deeper than ever before and with Rave’s relentless pounding, Conrad can’t figure out if it hurts or feels amazing. All he knows is that it’s the biggest fucking dick he’s ever had up his tight little hole.

DirtyBoyVideo: Conrad Daniels & Rave Hardick 2

Rave’s pounding hits Conrad’s special butt spot until he finally fucks the cum right out of Conrad’s swollen cock. When Rave sees the explosion of jizz, he gives himself permission to lie back and pound one out. He milks his giant rod at a frenzied pace until he passes the point of no return and slathers himself with buckets of DNA. The guys marinate in their own juices as they give each other a final kiss as if to say “You’re still kinda cute, but go home now.”

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