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Johnny B & Julian Brady – Active Duty

This week on Active Duty, Johnny B has the honor to present Julian Brady – the latest recruit of the studio. Well, Julian is a real treasure! Julian’s not a novice. You’ve seen him in several scenes of Next Door Studios, but that was nearly a year ago. Now Julian is back, and he definitely has something to show us. Our first reaction was – wow, this man is so handsome. Would you agree with us?

Johnny B & Julian Brady - Active Duty

Looks like the lockdown didn’t stop Julian Brady from training. We don’t know if he has a home gym, but we can see literally every muscle in his body. Not to mention his six-pack and butt – they’re perfect. On top of everything, Julian adores sex. He’s the kind of bottom who’s never going to say “stop”, “slower”, or “gentler”. In short, the perfect bottom.

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