The Big C Men: Big C & Zac Snow

The Big C Men: Big C & Zac Snow 1
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The Big C Men are back with another great video. For this scene, Big C has invited a special guest – the power bottom and porn star Zac Snow. Here’s what Big C shared: I’ve done a few vids with Zac already, and we’ve been playing regularly both on and off cam. I like the off cam play because it lets me bond with models and bring out authentic, good chemistry. Zac is a true sub, and loves pleasing Daddy in any way possible.

The Big C Men: Big C & Zac Snow

Hung Young Brit

I had him come over for an afternoon session on a beautiful day so that I could showcase him properly. I’m pretty sure ya’all can tell how much fun I have with this boy!! This session was the very first where he came unlocked, so I got to see his nice boy dick and even made him cum TWICE. We have plans to go to Puerto Vallarta next month with some other guys for Pride, so you’ll be seeing more of Zac for sure!

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