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Gawkers – Part 2: Sean Peek, Thyle Knoxx, Dex Parker & Malik Delgaty

Sean Peek, Thyle Knoxx, Dex Parker & Malik Delgaty get together again in part 2 of MEN’s “Gawkers” for more intense bareback fucking.  After Thyle Knoxx and Dex Parker get caught spying on Malik Delgaty and Sean Peek, Malik tells them to get their clothes off, because it’s time for round two. He has the three bottoms bend over on the bed and inspects their holes with a magnifying glass, but he can’t decide which is his favorite, so he oils up their asses and fingers them.

Gawkers - Part 2: Sean Peek, Thyle Knoxx, Dex Parker & Malik Delgaty

Malik chooses Thyle to penetrate first, lying down between the other two and telling the cute bottom to ride him. Then Malik stacks the three asses and gives them each his huge cock in turn! Now it’s time to fuck for real, so Thyle tops Sean in missionary as Sean and Dex 69, and Malik pounds Dex’s hole. Thyle and Sean hop on the dildo exercise ball as Sean rides Thyle reverse, and Dex sucks Sean’s cock till he takes Sean’s load on his face while getting fucked doggystyle by Malik! Thyle creampies Sean and Dex cums, so the three bottoms get on their knees to take Malik’s load all over their faces.

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