JockPussy: Ari Koyote & Sean Duran

JockPussy: Ari Koyote & Sean Duran 1
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JockPussy Ari Koyote and Sean Duran get together once again in this FTM sex tape. The muscled, inked top plows raw Ari’s sweet, little pussy. Watching a hung DILF like Sean Duran fucking a cute FTM like Ari Koyote was always going to be a fairly intense experience. It’s immediately clear that the two men have brilliant chemistry and that they are very very into one another.

The first fucking happens from behind, with Ari learning over the bed while Sean powerfully slams his meat into the trans-man’s cunt. He grits his teeth and uses every muscle in his body to fuck as deep as possible. At times it feels frenzied.

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JockPussy: Ari Koyote & Sean Duran

Sean lies on the bed and Ari sits on top of him, angled slightly away. Sean powerfully pounds Ari’s pussy from underneath while Ari spreads his masculine, hairy legs real wide to aid the almost overwhelming sensation. Sean simultaneously uses his hand to work on Ari’s clit, as the boy slowly begins to lose control.

Sean’s impressive cock soon starts to glisten with pre-cum. The two men are now locked into each other, mentally and physically, both obsessed with giving the other the ride of his life. Sean runs his fingernails down Ari’s stomach, before pushing against his clit. The experience is so intense that Ari almost orgasms…

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