Justin Lewis & Blake Cummings – Active Duty

Justin Lewis & Blake Cummings - Active Duty 1
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Justin Lewis & Blake Cummings get together in this bareback romance by Active Duty and have the best sex in their lives – raw and passionate. Blake told us how their session went. Meeting war veterans is difficult. Sometimes I feel uncomfortable with the fact that they defended our country and me, while I was nothing more than a big slacker. Of course, Justin’s choice is his own, but this choice is actually the choice that made our country so great.

Justin Lewis & Blake Cummings - Active Duty

Hung Young Brit

When Justin Lewis told me “I couldn’t wait to be fucked by Blake Cummings”, I felt flattered. It’s nice to hear that someone wants you. But I was worried. I’ve never been with a man with an amputated leg before and that was a little embarrassing for me. I wondered about the poses, how he would do it, whether I would hurt him. I was just a fool with prejudices. The sex with Justin was amazing. Better than ever. He knew how to suck a cock and he definitely knew how to enjoy the feeling of having a big piece of meat in his hole.

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