Fun Size Boys: Kai Neolani & Legrand Wolf – Chapter 2

Fun Size Boys: Kai Neolani & Legrand Wolf - Chapter 2 2
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Kai Neolani and Legrand Wolf meet for the second time on stage for Fun Size Boys. Legrand wrecks Kai’s bubble butt with his fat dick. Kai shared: I didn’t think I could meet someone who makes me as wild as Dr. Wolf. Everything about him triggers my deepest desires. Not only is he a handsome doctor, but he’s an absolute power house giant! Being around him, I feel like he could crush me and dominate me and toss me around. But more often than not, he just wants to spoon me and hold me tight in his big arms.

When he brought me into his room, immediately I wanted to feel his lips on mine. It’s so sexy how he leans in low to meet me, craning his neck to come down to my level. For a giant, he’s surprisingly gentle. But he’s very clear about what he wants.

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Fun Size Boys: Kai Neolani & Legrand Wolf - Chapter 2

As he pulls off my clothes and brings my underwear down to my knees, he can’t help but grab at my ass with his massive paws, playing with my meat and even giving it a bite. It hurts a little, but I love how much he wants to devour me. And the feeling is mutual.

Every moment we’re not fucking, I’m just thinking about how good it was the last time and how much I want it again. I have to pace myself, though. His giant cock is too big to take without being careful. He knows how to use it well, but sometimes my patience is no match for my desire.

When Dr. Wolf pulls it out, his shaft never ceases to amaze me. From the length to the width to the heavy, egg-sized nuts that weigh it down, I can’t believe my body is capable of taking it. It barely fits in my hands, let alone my hole. And my mouth is hardly capable of taking it all in.

He knows that I’m desperate for more than just a blowjob. I want to be penetrated deep, feeling him own my body and my hole. I keep telling him, “I’m all yours, I’m all yours,” inviting him to take control and ravage me. I know he doesn’t want to hurt me, but after enough time with his manhood in my mouth, I don’t care what it takes to get him balls deep in my guts.

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I get on all fours, presenting my round bubble butt to him. I can tell he likes it. He shakes it with his palms and watches how it moves and molds to his touch. When I feel the wetness of his saliva on the tip of his finger, I know it’s time.

It slides past my sphincter, breaking through the tight balloon knot hidden between my cheeks. I know how to relax it and keep it open for him, but his finger is nothing compared to his tool. As he steps up behind me with my body on the edge of the bed, he places me in just the right position for his cock to push against.

I could tell he was trying to ease himself in slowly, not going too deep too fast. I was grateful in the moment, but a part of me wished he would just shove it in and pound me out hard and rough. Maybe he did too, but the way he controlled his penetration was truly surgical and precise in nature. I guess medical training gives you that!

Just when I think I can’t wait any longer, I feel it–the sinking of several inches of thick daddy cock deep into my insides. It shoots a sensation throughout my spine that causes the fine hairs on the back of my neck to stand on end. It’s truly like nothing else. And though I’ve experienced it before, it’s like the first time every time…

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