Ryan Jordan & JV Marx – Active Duty

Ryan Jordan & JV Marx - Active Duty 1
Face Down Ass Up
Face Down Ass Up
Face Down Ass Up
Face Down Ass Up

In this week’s bareback scene by Active Duty, inked soldiers Ryan Jordan and JV Marx passionately suck, rim, and fuck each other. Commander Marx enters Ryan’s tent. The commander has heard that Ryan is quite popular with the soldiers in the unit and wants to make sure that the rumors about the soldier are true. JV asks Ryan if it’s true that his dick is the biggest in the barracks, and Ryan offers to check for himself.

Ryan Jordan & JV Marx - Active Duty

Hung Young Brit

JV Marx pulls the cock out of Ryan’s pants and the sight makes him more aroused than ever. In front of him is the perfect dick – straight, hard, big. The commander wastes no time and immediately begins to blow this dick. After Ryan Jordan does the same with his commander’s member, Jay asks Ryan to fuck him. Of course, Ryan gladly accepts the invitation and begins pumping the commander’s hole. In the middle of the scene, the two soldiers exchange, and the commander has his wonderful moments with Ryan’s hole.

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