Stagcollective: Introducing Chris White

Stagcollective: Introducing Chris White 1
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It’s time for another great introduction by Stagcollective. This week they present their latest, super sexy, and charming model, Chris White. Chris is a representative of the so-called ginger nation. He is red-haired and has the typical, so cute freckles. Chris is a really nice man and his smile can melt even the thickest ice. Until now, he has never stared in a professional scene, but admits that he always wanted to be popular. Chris admits that popularity is one side of the coin, but the truth is that he loves sex. Well, it’s obvious why he wants to be part of the Stagcollective team.

Stagcollective: Introducing Chris White

Hung Young Brit

For his first scene, Chris White prefers to be alone in front of the camera, as he is still a little shy. Once started, he quickly forgets about his inhibitions and begins to massage his hole with a few fingers. If you’re wondering what his role is in sex, Chris has previously clarified that he prefers to be the bottom. Indeed, his cock is not the typical one and is far from a big dick, but we think there are quite a few bottoms that would be happy to take it in their holes. Let’s wish Chris good luck and welcome him to the Stagcollective!

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