UK Naked Men: Alan Davis & Simon Best

UK Naked Men: Alan Davis & Simon Best 1
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Alan Davis and Simon Best present a very interesting combination of foot fetish and bareback sessions on UK Naked Men. You shouldn’t miss it! BOY CRUSH alert/Okay so i’m already jazzed because we’ve got ‘the-eyes-have-it Alan Davis, what a handsome guy, pardon my poetry but just look at those limpid pools of eyes! And now we’ve coupled him with Alan Best, a warm hand for this spunky newcomer. Its a super sexy conflagration as Simon drops to his knees to celebrate and worship Alan’s very worthy, girthy dick – ‘ suck on that joint boy!’ and he does.

UK Naked Men: Alan Davis & Simon Best

Hung Young Brit

These stunning lads are bare ass naked and what arses! hubbahubba, BUT not quite naked – naked, lets just leave those socks on and have a little fun! Simon couldn’t wait to straddle that sweet-spot-seeking missile and lower himself gingerly onto its throbbing, hot, bareback rigidity, then as the muscles in his tight-hole expand and accept this foreign but very welcome body. This is one boy who’s gonna be sitting in a wet patch on the way on home on the bus !

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