Yoshi Kawasaki – Wild Rose: Zucchini In The Rosebud

Yoshi Kawasaki - Wild Rose: Zucchini In The Rosebud 1
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Some people prefer to cook zucchini. Well, Yoshi Kawasaki doesn’t like cooking – he prefers them in his rosebud. See why in “Wild Rose.” Loaded down with the day’s groceries, Yoshi is hit by a tropical monsoon. Pelted by heavy rain, he stumbles upon an old abandoned watchtower and takes shelter. Opening the bag of shopping, he surveys the fruits and veggies and gets a mischievous idea. A fresh zucchini feels smooth and cool against his hot cock once he strips down. A squirt of lube later he’s easing it into his hungry hole.

Yoshi Kawasaki - Wild Rose: Zucchini In The Rosebud

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When it hits his prostate he shoots out a stream of piss and reaches down to taste. Kneeling on a concrete ledge he goes back to fucking himself with the long green veggie. His throbbing hole blooms open with excitement. He slides a hand across its sensitive folds. Some cherry tomatoes from his bag pop right into his ass. His hole fires them out, down the tower stairs. Still naked, he steps down to the tower base, his rosebud proud and open for the world to see. Excited piss splatters the concrete below. The pounding rains turned to summery fog, Yoshi takes dick in hand, wanders into the forest wilds.

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