Sherman Maus Fills His Holes for KinkMen

Sherman Maus Fills His Holes for KinkMen 1
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It’s time for something kinky. In this self-BDSM session by KinkMen, Sherman Maus pleases his hungry holes by cock sounding and two dildo sex machines. Sherman Maus is led into a dark, creepy hospital room and instructed to disrobe and put his specimen in the jar provided. The room is filled with fucking machines, nipple clamps, vibrators, and cock strokers, all there to assist him in procuring his sperm sample.

Sherman Maus Fills His Holes for KinkMen

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He puts a blue plastic sound down the center of his cock and then fucks himself with a fleshlight. He tugs on the nipple clamps which gets his dick rock hard. He puts the largest dildo he can find on the fucking machine to fuck his ass in every way he can think of. Sherman takes his sweet time trying out each machine. He comes three times, producing far more of a donation than they need.

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