Wet, Wild and Dripping: Lucas Mancinni & Renan Dotadao

Wet, Wild and Dripping: Lucas Mancinni & Renan Dotadao 1
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It’s time for a wet, wild, and dripping bareback scene by Raw Hole. Enjoy Brazilian superstuds Lucas Mancinni & Renan Dotadao and their amazing porn session. We had the dick-raising pleasure of watching hot Brazilian bareback studs Lucas Mancinni and Renan Dotadao licking, swallowing and priming each other last week. Now they’re rock hard, raring to rim and screw each other’s brains out, and we’re ready for every hard, raw minute. Lucas’ ass is twitching and puckering in Renan’s face as he moves in to get a musky taste. This boy needs a fuck right now, and Renan doesn’t hesitate a moment to drill his massive uncut tool into the hilt. Still perched at the edge of the tub, Lucas turns around and groans his encouragement to the fuck-crazy top.

Renan’s hairy nuts swing and smack against Lucas’ smooth shaved butt. He takes a little break to get another mouthful of just-fucked ass. He rams his raw cock back in balls deep, holding Lucas around the waist to pull him even closer. On the bathroom floor, Renan lies on a towel while Lucas squats down to sit on his XXL butt blaster. Lucas rides Renan like a rodeo king, grinding his cock-starved booty into that slick bareback tool. Renan slams in from behind and heads for the juicy finish. Fingering Lucas’ quivering hole, he beats his cock and splatters that ass before sliding back in to breed.

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Wet, Wild and Dripping: Lucas Mancinni & Renan Dotadao

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